How to choose the right hardware to run Dolphin


We recommend a 1Gbps wired lan.

We don’t recommend Wifi.

Operating System

Windows 7 or above.

Please don’t get a server core installation we cannot support it.


4 Gigabytes for client machines and 8 Gigabytes for the server.

If you have more than 3 users please get a dedicated server.

If you have more than 10 users please increase your server RAM to 16 Gigabytes.


We recommend a mid to high end cpu. Ideally select a cpu from this list or this list with score above 3000. Also check that the single thread score is above 1200.

For your server more cores is better therefore we recommend a score above 4800.


The bigger the better. Please get at least a 17″ (43 cm) display, preferably bigger.