Release Info

Current Dolphin 4 Release Current JustWorxs/PrintWorxs Release
v4.493.34.205, 5 July 2016 1.16.10, 16 February 2016
Dolphin 4 Beta Release Projected JustWorxs/PrintWorxs Release
There is no current beta v1.17, January 2017


 Dolphin 4 Alpha , BETA and Official Release Process

Dolphinworxs runs internal testing through 2 phases , a crosstesting phase for development and architectural staff , and an Alpha Testing phase for our support staff to  test the latest release. Once the support staff sign off , the software enters a BETA phase. During BETA , the software is available to clients who want to evaluate it, or who need to upgrade due to an issue on their existing system Should no issues occur during the BETA phase , an official release will be done for the next upgraded version of Dolphin4 Alpha , BETA and official releases are marked by an update to our Facebook page, as well as an update in our twitter feed We only have a maximum of 1 current official release , and 1 BETA release that are supported at any given time

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