Webinar : Making the most of Trade and Product Quoting

The editing is done!

Out latest webinar focused on Making the most of Trade and Product Quoting

We didn’t get very many questions during the session, so fire away in the comments and let us know what you think .

Happy Quoting !


Latest JustWorxs/PrintWorxs Release v1.11

Our Latest Upgrade to the software v1.1 was released earlier this week on 20-Jan-2014. Below is a list of all the features included in the upgrade –

# Changes in Menu

* The Consumers, Client companies and Suppliers have been merged into a single List called Accounts in CRM which can be further classified as Client Companies, Person Accounts (called Consumers earlier) and Suppliers.

* Products and Services item has been moved under the Sales & Quoting menu.

* Production menu renamed as Jobs and Deliveries. Accounts and Invoice List renamed to Invoices.

# Notes Added

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Printworxs webinar (Oct 2013)

Watch the printworxs webinar in the below video.

Note: For best resolution, it is recommended to switch to full screen mode when the video is being played (by double click on the video or using the full screen button at the bottom right corner of the video). Thanks.

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