3 lessons on twitter (thanks to Guy Kawasaki being bored)

Over this last weekend, I watched a rather strange conversation unfolding on twitter. All at once it was morbidly fascinating, darkly amusing, and a bit perplexing.

Guy Kawasaki (yes, that Guy Kawasaki) replied to a tweet by an acquaintance of mine concerning her review of Canva. Her tweet linked back to a blog review of Canva’s suitability to commercial print.

I watched the brief flurry totally entranced. As a software company, we are firmly in the Tech world, and in particular, I am something of a Guy fan. At the same time, my software is written specifically for the printing industry and we have done so for the last 20 odd years. We’ve picked up a thing or 2 about commercial printing along the way.

So it was from my middle of the fence position that I read, re-read and digested the conversation, trying to extract some great Universal Meaning from it.

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