Meet the Team : Vic Filbin

Our second rising star in the Dolphin family is Vic Filbin , from the East Rand region of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Image of Vic at his Desk in SA Office


Vic has been working with the team since February 2010 and is based in the South African office of Dolphin Worxs

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Press Release : Dolphin Worxs celebrates 21 years of global footprint in July with product giveaways and discounts.

Way back in 1994, a young man had an idea.

He was working at a printing company, whilst completing his University studies. And he thought to himself, there has got to be a better way to do print quoting.

So he created it, a windows based costing program, written for printing, from inside the printing industry. It was Dolphin, and the man was Tobie van Dyk

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Step right up, and get your Reports Site License now

Things don’t always last forever. Sometimes though, this is a good thing. Like when a business decides to do away with an outdated pricing model, and replace it with something fresh, and more suited to their client’s needs.

Imagine a meeting where everyone has the information at their fingertips ?

Imagine a meeting where everyone has the information at their fingertips ?

We’ve been listening, and taking on board all your feedback about Dolphin. The good, the bad and the downright ugly. The  one thing that has jumped out at us load and clear, is that the way we started out selling Reports licenses, just isn’t working anymore.

Aren’t you tired of being the only person in the company that has reports access, and all the constant interruptions that come with the massive responsibility of being the Holder of the Reports License?

So, from 1 February, we’ll be selling Reports as a site license, instead of a per user module.

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