Tips for the time poor Tradie

clockHome based businesses and small sole traders get a bad rap sometimes. Unfairly criticised for being too small to handle “proper jobs”.

That’s a rather condescending attitude, considering that small business is by far the world’s biggest employer group, on average providing well in excess of 60% of the jobs globally.

But let’s stop and ask ourselves why that is though? Why do people have such a bad perspective on smaller businesses, and sole traders, and in particular the trades?

Using only my own experiences as a client of several smaller businesses around me, I can say there are 6 main issues relating to how professional you are, and how you are perceived.

I’ll address all 6 of them over the next 6 blog posts, one by one, and give you tips to managing things without adding extra strain to yourself.

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Combining work and play for a good cause

Often we are presented with an opportunity to do something good – like fundraise, or contribute to a charity, in the company of our peers.

Just last week, the Dolphin executive team bought tickets to an event arranged and sponsored by BJ Ball, in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Trentin , Steph and Tobie enjoying the lovely company at our table

Trentin , Steph and Tobie enjoying the lovely company at our table, unsuspecting of the wine ninja behind them.

Highlights of the evening include being regaled with AFL and VFL stories by David King , listening to Brigitte Duclos interview a cancer survivor , and a wine glass that magically filled itself each time I turned away . Those servers at the Sandringham Yacht club are part Ninja.

Really great to meet the Bambra Press gang , all looking very supportive with their pink shirts , or pink ties, and the lovely Vicky and Co from Australian Paper.

And of course meeting and having a moment to chat with the gracious Catherine Doggett about International Print Day was just spectacular.

Awkward Segue into a shameless promotion for #IPD14.

So what are you doing to promote your craft on October 8th ? Are you ready to hijack social media in the name of print for 24 epic hours. Geared up to find out first hand the power of a massive online movement?

Get yourself into twitter , and follow @IntPrintDay and @IntPrintDayAus, and get ready to share and celebrate #Print all day long on October 8th.

And lastly – if you’re in the Melbourne Metro – send us your details and we may be able to swing by to see what you’re up to for #IPD14

Webinar : Making the most of Trade and Product Quoting

The editing is done!

Out latest webinar focused on Making the most of Trade and Product Quoting

We didn’t get very many questions during the session, so fire away in the comments and let us know what you think .

Happy Quoting !


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