3 lessons on twitter (thanks to Guy Kawasaki being bored)

Over this last weekend, I watched a rather strange conversation unfolding on twitter. All at once it was morbidly fascinating, darkly amusing, and a bit perplexing.

Guy Kawasaki (yes, that Guy Kawasaki) replied to a tweet by an acquaintance of mine concerning her review of Canva. Her tweet linked back to a blog review of Canva’s suitability to commercial print.

I watched the brief flurry totally entranced. As a software company, we are firmly in the Tech world, and in particular, I am something of a Guy fan. At the same time, my software is written specifically for the printing industry and we have done so for the last 20 odd years. We’ve picked up a thing or 2 about commercial printing along the way.

So it was from my middle of the fence position that I read, re-read and digested the conversation, trying to extract some great Universal Meaning from it.

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Don’t participate in other people’s drama

AngryLadyWe’ve all been there, regardless of whether you’re a plumber, an admin assistant, a project manager, a developer, or a printer;  no matter how hard we try , there are always small ( and sometimes not so small) issues that crop up at the last minute that have to be dealt with.

Sometimes it’s a supplier not having the parts ready. Sometimes it’s critical project members not showing up for a long planned meeting because of illness.

Occasionally however, it’s something a little more than bad luck. Over the years I’ve had the misfortune several times of being placed in horribly stressful situations because of people that deliberately waited until the last minute to place something seemingly urgent, with a massively critical deadline on my desk.

It absolutely had  to have a decision right that second.

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