Your small business secret social media weapon.

Anyone following me on twitter will know we recently had some issues with a large service provider. Notwithstanding the lack of ADSL completely for a 5  day stretch, or 8 outages in just on 8 weeks, all of which affected over 300 houses and businesses in our area. It has occurred to me throughout this experience, that whatever their social media strategy is, it’s not working for their clients.

I turned to twitter and Facebook after the 4th outage. And after nearly a week of patiently asking the same questions over and over, I finally got someone to admit, publicly, that the social media team was completely incapable of dealing with any real queries.

Whoever these lovely, bubbly friendly ladies and gents are, they are not equipped to deal with anything beyond “ Cowbunga  dude , that was RAD service ! Thanks man! “

And that’s a massive failure on the part of that large company. Not necessarily the uber cool and flippantly coy marketing graduates manning the desks, but rather their management team, for even thinking, that Cowabunga is a valid strategy  for any serious  business in the social media space. [Read more...]

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