Latest Dolphin4 Release

We’ve just released a new Dolphin4 Version on 22-November 2013.You can read all the release notes at this link. Speak to your distributor about an upgrade if you haven’t had one in a while.

Also, anytime you need help with Dolphin4, we have a dedicated Dolphin4 help blog – .You can also access it via the footer or the “Contact Us” Menu item above.

The blog is also accessible directly out of the software by clicking on the help icon on the Main Home tab.

It’s quite a huge release, which contains over 50 improvements and some bug fixes, and has taken a coordinated effort with distributors located across 3 Countries with well over 8 months of testing .

You can also sign up to our Dolphin4 LinkedIn Users Group if you want to follow the discussions with other Dolphin4 users.

Business Basics 101

A while ago I was having some miscommunication problems with a service provider.

I use the word ‘miscommunication’ rather loosely and euphemistically to be truthful. I’m still trying to put a positive spin on the whole experience.

Actually, they just weren’t listening. They had made decisions on my behalf that I didn’t agree with, and their communication style didn’t suit me, or my business. And they never adjusted to suit me, preferring to rather make excuse after excuse as to why I , their client, should change everything about my business to work the way that they, the service provider wanted to do things.

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